Accurate & On Time Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll Options supplies accurate & on time outsourced payroll services to a wide variety of companies. We work with companies to ensure accurate, timely delivery of payroll, based around their specific requirements.

We specialise exclusively in UK payroll services, and all our time is spent getting this right. We are used to working with HR and finance departments and will do our best to facilitate integration of services as required.

Our reports are designed to provide the information required as clearly as possible, and it is possible to receive data to import to spreadsheets, or other software, to manipulate as you need. We will be making the Real Time Information (RTI) submissions to HMRC on your behalf, and the reports are part of the record of what has been submitted.

The Auto Enrolment specialists

Offering Work Place Pensions is becoming compulsory for the majority of business in the UK. This is better known as ‘auto-enrolment pensions’ and aims to improve the way that workers save for their retirement.

The Government were concerned that many people did not appear to be saving adequately for retirement, and so introduced a statutory saving scheme.  These schemes will be compulsory for the majority of businesses by 2018.

The Pension Regulator, together with Financial Conduct Authority, is responsible for overseeing the process and companies must have everything in place by their ‘staging date’

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What Payroll Options Offer

Our payroll service guarantees compliance with payroll legislation and statutory requirements. We put time into training our staff, so that they will be up to date with the latest legislation. We are able to provide support if required, and are happy to work with finance and human resource teams.